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5 Rules of Modern Packaging Design for Your Products

The main aim of every brand is to make products at a low cost without compromising on their key features. But now targets include one more thing, that is the loyalty of the customer towards the brand. This is where packaging design can make a large difference. The design should attract people to buy that product and become the promoters of that brand which leads to more sales.

Modern Packaging Design

The package has an important role in marketing strategy. But still many people don’t know its power to affect the loyalty and growth of a firm. Every year a lot of new items are arriving at the market and they fail to have enough business. The main reason for that the customer is not going to analyze the merits and demerits of every commodity. They choose the items by their packaging.

Research suggests that the majority of purchase decisions are made in-store. The packaging can draw the attention of the consumer and help them to make decisions. When a man enters a store and a large number of products are there, from them if you want him to select your product, it needs to stand out.

The 5 major rules you need to follow during an innovative packaging design stage

1. Clarity and Simplicity

The packages should clearly say what is the commodity and its brand. Keep it very simple with the minimum amount of information. This is why most of the product package has the product’s image on it. The customer will take only a few seconds to choose an item before they move towards its alternative. So the designs have only that time to give them enough information and make them purchase that product.

2. Honesty

Only the brands have honesty can survive in the market. Give them the true details about the products. Misleading information on the package designs may lead to the initial purchase of that commodity. But it will only do damage to the product sales and brand reputation than good in the long run.

3. Differentiation

The packaging gives a unique identity to every product. Among all other brands, people must differentiate your brand. Using a distinct design on your item’s package can help you to achieve that. You can use different shapes and patterns on your package.

4. Extensibility

If your package design is widely accepted, then you can use it for more of your product line. Introducing a new item in this design pattern is also not going to be a tough task. Systematic designs can give diversity to your products from others.

corporate identity package

5. Practicality

Packaging should make the usage of an item easier and give more reasons for the consumer to use the item. The practicality of an item in terms of its size and shape can decide how higher the sales will reach. So even the product’s container should be functional for the users. Then the user gets an extra reason to buy that item.