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Future Scope in PHP Web Application Development for Building Better Websites

PHP web application development is a growing website development field. PHP is an outstanding open-source platform for web development. In this digital era, with the help of the right developer, this programming language gives an extra boost to your business.

PHP Web Application Development

Future Scope in PHP Web Development

The current market trends suggest this programming language has great potential in the future. Anyone who is looking for a website development career can see this as a good choice. It is very easy to learn but tough to master language. The future scope in web applications development offered by Hypertext preprocessor language is briefed down below.

Visibility and Presence

PHP has large community support and you can see the many great websites are built on top of the PHP framework. This is the main reason behind its supreme popularity.  PHP is currently one of the most famous programming languages used for web app development. And it will remain that way in the future as well.

You can find many websites with ‘.php’ extension on the internet. This is proof of its good reputation. If we search on the internet we can find millions of PHP and My SQL websites.

php developer company

PHP in Blogging

Blogging is a significant thing for a business. It lets you tell the latest updates about your business to customers. It also allows you to reach new customers through sharing. Mainly blogs are made using WordPress. This platform is built using PHP. Managing blogs doesn’t require much technical knowledge. So anyone can do that task because of the simple language like Hypertext Preprocessor. But you can hire PHP programmer to build your website that can be used for blogging.

Support for CMS

Content Management System (CMS) is a computer program that lets users publish, edit, and modify content from a central interface. Content management systems are used to build websites with blogs, online stores, news, etc. Many businesses use CMS websites.

Thousands of CMS that support Hypertext Preprocessor is available to download on the internet. That includes CMS like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Symphony, etc. CMS that support this programming language will be helpful to build a website easily. So this is a great way of using PHP in the future.

The flexible framework of this language helps developers to easily add scripts or modify them.

development php


Hypertext Preprocessor is very easy to use programming language. This user-friendliness makes it to have a better future than the other complex languages. The simplicity allows it to come across many languages in web development. So this language has the potential to survive in the competitive market for a long time.

Regular Updates

New technologies and frameworks are developed regularly to change the way of Hypertext Preprocessor. CMS that supporting PHP can expend their functionality through the use of plugins. Object-oriented frameworks like Zend can also boost PHP web app development.

php and mysql web development

Wrapping up Future Scopes in the PHP Web Application Development

Expert web developers favor PHP for web application development because of the above-mentioned advantages. Many companies chose this because it is a base cost web development tool. It is a good programming language for even beginners. If you want to pursue a career in website development, then learning this language will be worthy.


The author of this article is an expert eCommerce developer at www.ecommercecone.com. He likes to write blogs about web designing that can be helpful for job seekers. He has 6 years of experience in the industry.

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PSD to WordPress Conversion Services – Top 7 Reasons to Choose Them

PSD to WordPress conversion is an essential process in web development. If you are a business owner with a website, then you should know the importance of that process.

Now more and more businesses having a website to expand the customer base. When it comes to developing a website, most people will choose WordPress for the task. The popularity and features of this content management system are the main reason for it.

Web designing companies create PSD or Photoshop design files for development. Converting them to a good WP design needs an expert designer.

PSD to WordPress Conversion

Major Reasons for Choosing PSD to WordPress Service

Businesses have many reasons to choose PSD to WP services. Some of them are mentioned in this article.

1. Pixel-Perfect Design

WordPress is a CMS platform that has an in-built functionality that uses every pixel to give an attractive look. An experienced Photoshop designs to WP service provider knows how to utilize this feature effectively to create pixel-perfect designs. Such designs will look very pleasing across different web browsers.

psd to wordpress services

2. In-built Blogging System

At the early stages, WP was considered as a blogging platform. Then it evolved into a comprehensive content management system that can be used to build great websites. But it still has an amazing set of blogging features. So converting a PSD template to an attractive WP theme can be very useful when you are planning to run a blogging website.

3. Responsive Design

A website without a responsive design can’t survive long. Search engines like Google give high rankings for responsive websites. This helps the sites topping the search results. Responsive designs let more people access the website from mobile devices. You can create such websites with the help of responsive WordPress web design company.

psd to wordpress theme

4. SEO Friendly Website

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is something that lets your site to rank higher in the search engine results page. So if the design is SEO friendly, you can have high web traffic and more sales. WordPress is a suitable CMS in terms of SEO. It offers many inbuilt tools to improve SEO.

5. Easy and Cost-effective Solutions

There are many business owners who are looking for having an online presence. WordPress websites are the perfect solution for them. They are very easy to use that you don’t even be a tech wizard to use it. Anyone with a good internet can manage the content of WP websites. Since it is an open-source platform most developers are utilizing this and the development is very cost-effective.

convert psd to wordpress

Wrapping Up the Reasons to Choose PSD to WordPress Conversion Services

WordPress is an excellent CMS with great features. Currently, many websites on the internet are powered by WP. The Photoshop to WordPress conversion services is the best way to build websites based on this CMS. They can convert the Photoshop design files to attractive, responsive, user-friendly, and cost-effective WP themes. It is a great opportunity for businesses to create web designs the way want and then change the layout into a feature-rich website.


PrestaShop Development Company: Why Should You Choose It for an Online Store?

There are dozens of eCommerce platforms are out there. You need a good reason to choose PrestaShop over them. So what features make the platform more desirable? This review has the answer.

PrestaShop Development Company

PrestaShop eCommerce platform

It is an open-source eCommerce platform. It was developed in 2007 in France and after the launch suddenly it became popular among the web developers. Since it is an open-source anyone can have its source code and alter it to the way they wanted. It is also a free, flexible, credible and user-friendly platform. There are two types of PrestaShop are available.

  • Self-hosted

This version has more advanced options. You should download this and install it on your hosting. Then connect it to the domain name and create your eCommerce store. This is also allowing you to choose your hosting which is a must thing when you want your website’s server at your or your customer’s place.

  • PrestaShop Cloud

In this, you will get the hosting and PrestaShop engine which is preinstalled. It has some limitations like it allows you to install only official plugins and extensions and you won’t get the source code or have access to the database.

Visit the PrestaShop forums for more in-depth details of this two types.

prestashop webservice

Ease of Use

It is very easy to use. That doesn’t mean it has only some basic features. There are many features and tools in this. The developers are managed to add all the necessary eCommerce features to it. Also, the admin panel can be accessed from even a mobile phone.


  • Responsive design: The PrestaShop’s default template can adapt mobile device layout.
  • Supported languages: It supports languages more than 75 and they are useful for both front end and admin panel.
  • Multi-store: It lets you connect with multiple stores with different domain names and control them with a single admin panel.
  • Enhanced analytics: It has advanced analytics with real-time visitor tracking, conversion rates and much more.
  • Marketing tools: Tools like newsletter management, social media integration are available.
  • SEO functionality: provides customization options for meta titles and meta descriptions and easily generate SEO-friendly URLs.
  • Better store management: simple but comprehensive store management options like products, inventory, shipping, payment, customers, etc.
prestashop security


Its low requirements are one of its major advantages. It does not require VPS or dedicated hosting, a shared hosting plan is enough. You should check the system requirements of PrestaShop before finalizing the hosting provider. There is no need to check the system requirements if you are using the Cloud version. If you are not so familiar with these technical aspects you can ask help for an ecommerce development solutions agency.

Community and Support

You will be needing proper guidance for the settings or changes on the website sometimes. All the necessary documentation can be found on their website and also you will get large community support. Here you can find all of its versions and its tutorials. If you didn’t get what you are looking for then search it or ask them on the forum. Another way is you can ask for help from official PrestaShop support, but it’s paid.

Multiple Plugins and Themes

This platform has a large user base so it has a large number of themes in the store. You can make your store look the way you want.

If the store is missing some features, you can check the large collection of plugins. There are free and paid plugins are available.

prestashop development

Final Thoughts on PrestaShop

You already saw the reasons for its popularity. It’s coming with cloud or self-hosted types. So an established PrestaShop developer can build the perfect website for your eCommerce business. The various plugins will allow you to extend the online store’s features and skins will help you to change the looks.

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Why Choose Web Designers Cochin Kerala for Designing Your Website

For any startup company or business, small or big, having a website is of utmost importance to market your services. If you fall into this category, then this article is just for you.

Web Designers Cochin

Reasons for choosing web designers cochin

There are a lot of web designers out there but I will pick the web designers in cochin Kerala and here is my reason why;

  • Building a website is not always cost friendly. So using web design companies will be very expensive especially if you are on a budget. but here’s a budget friendly tip, freelance web designers are more affordable. And yes at cochin Kerala you will find the most efficient, affordable and flexible freelance web designers out there. Our freelance web designers will offer you skilled professionals with the necessary qualifications and experience, up to date technology and diverse capabilities and most important of all flexible pricing and realistic payment terms, that could help make getting your website more affordable.
  • When trying to build a website knowing what you want is very important, but also knowing your competitors is very necessary in sending out the right message to potential clients. At cochin Kerala, freelance web designers look to give you the very best of services that will make your business website stand out with a clear mark of quality and make getting your own website easy and accessible from any location in the world.
website design company cochin
  • With the friendliest technical support system, freelance web designers in Kerala will go the extra mile in making sure you are completely satisfied with the service rendered and the website runs smoothly before making complete payment. This emphasizes the core values of web designing here in Kerala, because getting referrals and good reviews is a priority.
  • The quality of the work from web designers from cochin can be far ahead from the creative agency’s work. Always check the portfolio for knowing the quality of the work. The size of the business has no connection with the worth of work delivered. There are even horrible portfolio having design firms out there. The quality you receive from either a freelancer or an agency depends on the nature of the firm or individual.
web design kochi
  • Keeping consistency in work is a tough task in designing. Web designers from Kerala have to do many jobs alone. One person doing all the aspects of the website including graphic design, copywriting, photography, UX design, and more can help keep your site’s design consistent.
  • It is safe to give the jobs that are not under your cup of tea to an expert person. Web designers in cochin Kerala are highly motivated. They can complete the project and deliver it on time. Because they always have a tendency to go beyond your expectations and be trustworthy. They are constantly trying to improvise the skills they already possess and learn new skills. So they will keep in touch with you for improving and upgrading your website with the latest technologies available.
freelance web designer kerala

Closing Thoughts on Web Designers Cochin

With top quality freelance web designers in Kerala and a realistic web design process, you are sure to get a website that satisfies your need.

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Website Design Guidelines and Rules to Improve Its Functionality and Usability

Website Design Guidelines

The web design guidelines can teach you the golden rules website designing. The three key elements of web design are functionality, usability, and visual design. They are playing the role which determines the success or failure of a website. Web designing is not just making pretty designs; it is much more. Here are the top ten rules of web designing.

The 10 Golden Rules of Web Design

Here are the top ten rules of web designing to build functional and usable websites.

1. Space

Space is an important criterion in web designing. spacing between the elements should be sufficient to notice each of them separately. For example, if the page in an eCommerce site is cluttered, then finding a buy now button won’t be that easy.

2. Layout

Every element on a page should be placed considering its visual weight. The overall design needs to be balanced. That doesn’t mean the design must be symmetrical. When placing an element, check its effect on surrounding elements.

web design style guide

3. Navigation

Navigation of any website needs to be simple. The user must find the information he seeks in fewer mouse clicks. For complex websites, the navigation will be a little confusing. So you can create mega menus or adding sub-menus can reduce its complexity. Also, placing some of those components on the footer section is a solution. You can refer w3school.com to learn how to create better navigation for your website.

4. Calls to Action

Most of the websites have a specific call to action button for a specific action. An online store may have buy now button, movie-related websites may have Book tickets button, and so on. So make this call to action more eye-catchy. The size, color, and other aspects of it should make it easily noticeable by the visitor.

5. Images and Video

Videos and images can talk to users without using a single word. The image of a person enjoying your product or service will act as an advertisement for the company. The quality of those images is also important because it should look good on different screen sizes.

ui design rules

6. Colour

The color is not something to make the site look nice but it can portray the emotion of the brand. Colors on a brand’s website should match with the theme of their product/service.

7. Typography

Like the color, the fonts used on a company website should possess the same personality of that brand. Some fonts look serious which is perfect for serious business and some look playful which can be used for entertainment-related business There is one more thing apart from that. That is the readability of the text. Colors and sizes of a font must be chosen considering the readability.

8. Motion 

The main advantage of a website over a static printed brochure is that it can be interactive and dynamic. So you can make simple animations for mouse clicks or something add some motion effect for elements when the mouse pointer moves over it.

9. Consistency

The website design should be consistent throughout the website. If an internal page is not matching with the home page and theme of your business, then there are high chances of you to lose potential customers. The fonts, colors, icons, animations, etc. must be consistent.

web design rules

10. Text

You can provide the necessary information for the visitors without overwhelming them with data. The text used for this can be adjusted using appropriate stylings such as bold, italic, and regular.

Wrapping Up Website Design Guidelines

Having a good design for your business is very crucial for increasing your conversion rates. So you can follow the principles given above to improve your website’s total performance.


This article is written by a social media marketing consultant working at pixelsolvent. He also helps people with professional website design in Oman.

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Importance of Branding in Marketing for Your Business

From the definition, it is a marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and distinguishes a product from other products. It helps people to identify the product of a company and differentiate it from a competitor’s product or service. It can give a memorable impression on the customer’s mind and also give an idea about what to expect from that company. It tells who are your targeted consumers and what better option can you provide the clients than your opponents. A brand is the true representation of a firm.

It can be done through various ways like advertising, promotional products, building reputation, customer service, and logo. All these factors can build a standout identity for the organization.

Importance of Branding

Why Is Branding Important?

The impact it can create is what makes it so important to a business. It may even change the perspective of people towards your brand and make more customers and give brand awareness to more potential clients.

Gets Recognition

This is one of the major reasons that make branding so much important. A company gets recognition through it. This makes the firm familiar with people. The logo which is considered as the face of a firm is the main element of it. So creative brand design agency should make easily memorable and attractive logos. Promotional products printed with the logo can spread the design to more people.

Increases Business Value

For generating a much bigger future business, branding is important and an established brand can have more influence in the industry. That makes the company more appealing for investment. Therefore, the business value of the firm gets further increased.

brand extension

Generates New Customers

A good organization can make more business through referrals of customers. A strong branding can give any firm a good impression among the clients. They do business with you due to the familiarity and dependability they assumed about you because of the organization’s name. After the firm reach a well-established state, the mouth publicity can provide you more advertisement.

Improves Employee Pride and Satisfaction

The employee who works for a strongly branded firm will be more satisfied and have pride in the work. Working for a reputed organization will make their job feel more enjoyable for them. This can help to increase productivity and the organization can give promotional merchandise for their employees to have a sense of belonging to the company.

Creates Trust Within the Marketplace

A well-strategized branding will help the organization to build trust with clients and potential customers. The professional appearance and strong branding of a company make them trustworthy among the public. The consumers trust not only the company but the product and services they offer and the way they handling it.

corporate branding

Supports Advertising

Another major component of it is the advertisement. Advertising strategies will reflect the brand identity. They can make people buy that product even it is overpriced. Here the brand value is what matters. Also, the advertisement through promotional products can have an advantage.

Label and Packaging

5 Rules of Modern Packaging Design for Your Products

The main aim of every brand is to make products at a low cost without compromising on their key features. But now targets include one more thing, that is the loyalty of the customer towards the brand. This is where packaging design can make a large difference. The design should attract people to buy that product and become the promoters of that brand which leads to more sales.

Modern Packaging Design

The package has an important role in marketing strategy. But still many people don’t know its power to affect the loyalty and growth of a firm. Every year a lot of new items are arriving at the market and they fail to have enough business. The main reason for that the customer is not going to analyze the merits and demerits of every commodity. They choose the items by their packaging.

Research suggests that the majority of purchase decisions are made in-store. The packaging can draw the attention of the consumer and help them to make decisions. When a man enters a store and a large number of products are there, from them if you want him to select your product, it needs to stand out.

The 5 major rules you need to follow during an innovative packaging design stage

1. Clarity and Simplicity

The packages should clearly say what is the commodity and its brand. Keep it very simple with the minimum amount of information. This is why most of the product package has the product’s image on it. The customer will take only a few seconds to choose an item before they move towards its alternative. So the designs have only that time to give them enough information and make them purchase that product.

2. Honesty

Only the brands have honesty can survive in the market. Give them the true details about the products. Misleading information on the package designs may lead to the initial purchase of that commodity. But it will only do damage to the product sales and brand reputation than good in the long run.

3. Differentiation

The packaging gives a unique identity to every product. Among all other brands, people must differentiate your brand. Using a distinct design on your item’s package can help you to achieve that. You can use different shapes and patterns on your package.

4. Extensibility

If your package design is widely accepted, then you can use it for more of your product line. Introducing a new item in this design pattern is also not going to be a tough task. Systematic designs can give diversity to your products from others.

corporate identity package

5. Practicality

Packaging should make the usage of an item easier and give more reasons for the consumer to use the item. The practicality of an item in terms of its size and shape can decide how higher the sales will reach. So even the product’s container should be functional for the users. Then the user gets an extra reason to buy that item.